Combo Air Filter-Regulator-Lubricator

Combination air filter- air regulator-air lubricator for proper regulating and conditioning of compressed air. These FRL's are essential to ensure maximum performance and service life from pneumatic tools, valves, cylinders and other equipment.The small initial investment for installation of air preparation units in an air line system will pay long-term dividends in increased productivity, consistent quality and decreased maintenance costs

Combo Air Filter-Regulator-Lubricator
Stock # Series Pipe Size (NPT) Adjustment Range (PSI) Gauge Bowl Type Max Flow Capacity (SCFM) Max Inlet Pressure (PSI)
C38221-800 1500G 1/4 0-140 Flush Mount Poly 61 150
C38231-800 1500G 3/8 0-140 Flush Mount Poly 85 150
C38341-800 2000G 1/2 0-140 Flush Mount Poly 150 150
C38351-800 2000G 3/4 0-140 Flush Mount Poly 171 150