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Bellofram I/P Pressure Transducer 0-30 PSI, 4-20 mA, Conduit
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Manufacturer: Marsh Bellofram Corporation

Mfg Product Code: 969-714-001

Weight: 2.0 lb(s)

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Bellofram 969-710-101 Type 1500 general purpose electro-pneumatic I/P transducer converts an electrical input signal to a proportional pressure output. The pneumatic output is both linear and proportional to the analog 4-20 mA input command signal. Standard features include, small compact size, built-in volume booster, external zero & span adjustments, field reversible, low cost. All Type 1500 transducers have the CE mark, can be mounted at any angle, and offer high vibration resistance. The Type 1500 is a force balanced device in which the coil is suspended in the field of a magnet by a flexure. Current flowing through the coil generates axial movement of the coil and flexure. The flexure moves against the end of a nozzle, and creates a back pressure in the nozzle by restricting air flow. The back pressure acts as a pilot pressure to an integral booster relay. Consequently, as the input signal increases (or decreases, for reverse acting), output pressure increases proportionally. Applications include valve actuators & positioners, HVAC systems, clutches & brakes, paper handling, textile processes, and many other industrial applications where precise pneumatic control is required. 


  • Electrical Input Signal: 4-20 mA, 2 wire
  • Pneumatic Output: 0-30 PSI
  • Accuracy: Linearity < 1.0%, Hysteresis < 1.0%, Repeatability < 0.5%
  • Pressure Ports: 1/4" female NPT
  • Flow Rate: 9.0 SCFM typical
  • Supply Pressure: 40-150 PSI maximum
  • Supply Pressure Sensitivity: < 1.7% of span
  • Supply Air: Oil free clean dry filtered air (instrument quality)
  • Exhaust Capacity: > 1.0 SCFM @ 5 PSI above set point
  • Max. Air Consumption: 18 SCFH @ 15 PSI output
  • Vibration: < 0.7% of span per 0.5 g-level 25-100 Hz
  • Temperature Range: -20 °F to 150 °F, temperature compensated
  • Zero & Span: External adjustment on front of unit for recalibration
  • Electrical Connection: 1/2" conduit w/18" lead wires
  • Enclosure Rating: General Purpose
  • Agency Approvals: CE mark
  • Field Selectable: Direct acting or reverse acting
  • Mounting: In-line, panel mount (bracket included)
  • Housing Material/Seals: Aluminum (painted)/Nitrile seals

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